What are AluClad Windows? The Ultimate Guide

What Are Aluclad Windows? The Ultimate Guide

AluClad windows are a durable and efficient choice that looks great and lasts for years, making them a fantastic choice for your property.

Aluminium clad (or AluClad) windows are a fantastic way to extend the life of traditional timber windows. Allowing you to benefit from the stylish design options that timber-framed windows provide, AluClad windows help ensure they last longer and that the maintenance they require is drastically minimised.

The result is durable windows that provide a great level of flexibility when it comes to design. AluClad window frames tend to have a slimmer look than uPVC options and can be used to create contemporary designs or mimic more traditional styles.

But what exactly are Aluminimum clad windows and why could they be beneficial for you?

What are AluClad Windows?

AluClad Windows essentially feature a wooden interior window frame with aluminium exterior cladding. They allow you to enjoy the look of timber window frames inside your property while providing extra protection from outside elements, such as rain.

The addition of aluminium cladding makes your windows last for longer and reduces the amount of maintenance they require as there is no wood to weatherproof or vanish every few years on the outside of your property.

Are AluClad windows worth it?

If you want to enjoy the stylish look of wooden window frames in your home, aluminium cladded timber windows are a great way to do so, as you get the best of both worlds. They provide a strong exterior that protects from the elements, as well as wooden frames that look great and also provide thermal efficiency.

When choosing your windows, you need to consider practicality as well as design aesthetics, which is where AluClad is particularly strong. Aluminium is an incredibly durable material, making it a great choice for UK properties and areas that often experience harsh weather – such as coastal towns. The strong metal cladding in the outside of the windows protects the wood from water, which can cause rotting, as well as other issues that can affect the integrity of your window frames.

Entirely timber window frames tend to require a lot of maintenance in order to ensure they remain weatherproof for as long as possible. In comparison, weather-resistant aluminium needs very little maintenance, meaning you save money in the long-run.

Are AluClad windows better than aluminium?

When looking at the difference between AluClad and aluminium windows, there are two main contrasts.

The first is the look of the windows, as AluClad allows you to enjoy the warm, natural look of timber in your property while aluminium window frames are metal both inside and out. The internal wood frames allow a greater level of flexibility when it comes to design and colour, which is ideal when it comes to redecorating down the line.

The second benefit of AluClad windows over aluminium frames is the thermal efficiency they offer. Aluminium conducts cold, so in the winter months, your home can feel colder if the entire window frame is aluminium, which will have an impact on your energy bills.

In comparison, wood is naturally insulating, which means that AluClad windows tend to help keep your space warmer as the only aluminium is on the outside. This means that they are an efficient option as well as looking great.

What are AluClad Windows? The Ultimate Guide

Are AluClad windows expensive?

You’ll find that AluClad windows are more expensive than other types of windows, however, their benefits mean that you’ll ultimately save money – as well as time – in the longterm.

Because you don’t need to do as much to maintain them as you would have to with wooden-framed windows, you’ll save money on waterproofing treatments and vanish over the year. They will also last a long time, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them any time soon.

You’ll also save money during cold weather compared to aluminium windows, due to the added insulation. All of this means that while the upfront costs may be higher than uPVC windows, for example, you’ll benefit from durable windows that end up saving you money.

Are AluClad windows efficient?

The simple answer to this question is yes, AluClad windows are extremely efficient. The powder-coated aluminium cladding adds an extra layer of protection from the elements, so you won’t experience drafts inside your property. On top of this, the timber frames are incredibly efficient as they are excellent at insulating your property.

With the added benefit of timber insulation, you’ll find that your home remains warmer during the winter months due to the improved thermal performance, helping to cut down on the amount of heating you use and your overall energy costs.

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