Hajom Sliding Doors

Hajom Sliding Doors

All about Hajom Sliding Doors

Whilst all of our windows and doors are bespoke, Hajom takes this to new levels and creates something that is truly unique for your home. Made in Sweden for over 100 years, Hajom have hand crafted their beautiful sliding doors to be the feature of your home whilst ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

Hajom has been designed by architects, for architects and this is reflected down to the tiniest of details. These sliding doors take all of the benefits of your typical Lift and Slide door but push it to next level to make the door a piece of furniture. For example, rather than using a series of gaskets to create weather tightness, the timber is cut precisely to ensure the door is weather tight by its own design. This might seem like a fussy detail, but the result is amazing as the door slides with no resistance and keeps going and going and going.

Even the way Hajom engineer their Oak is unique. Most window company’s will buy in Oak pre engineered which is normally engineered short ways to save waste and bring the cost down. The downside is over large lengths the Oak can start to move. Hajom engineer their own Oak in house so they can engineer it long ways. This means they can have supreme confidence the Oak is built to last for decades regardless of the design or size.

Hajom is not cheap, but it is without doubt special. If you are looking to design something unique or create a centre piece to your project, then Hajom is the perfect fit for you.

In Summary

  • Comes triple glazed as standard
  • Handcrafted and built specifically to your design
  • Matching doors and windows
  • Available in Pine or Oak
  • Available with aluminium cladding externally
  • Passive Performance
  • Hundreds of colours and finishes to choose from

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