Uni Format 38 Windows

Uni Format 38 Windows

All about Uni Format 38 Windows

Brand new for 2019, we have pleasure in introducing you to Format 38. Format 38 is the slimmest window that money can buy and combines the thermal performance of timber, with the zero maintenance of aluminium. The external aluminium is powder coated to a finish of your choice and the internal timber supplied with dozens of finishes to choose from, you can even select Oak at no additional cost.

Format 38 has a unique silk finish on the inside. This allows you to make the window to your own taste, ensures you get the perfect timber finish every time and makes the finish scratch resistant, perfect for pets or children.

In recent years, everyone is striving for the look of Steel windows but with more modern levels of performance. Format 38 allows you to have super slim frames and not compromise on performance. Each window maximises the glass (and therefore light) in a room, but does not compromise on retaining warmth or security.

Format 38 has been made with design in mind. Every window, whether opening or fixed has the same consistent profile. All hinges, even in doors are concealed meaning you simply get super slim, clean looking aluminium. Despite the fact the window is slim it also offers incredible U values as low as 0.8.

In summary

  • Alu-clad window for zero maintenance
  • Dozens of internal finishes, even Oak at no additional cost
  • Double or triple glazed
  • Opening and fixed with same consistent profile
  • All hinges concealed (even on doors)
  • U values as low as 0.8
  • Scratch resistant internal finish

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