Reynaers CP130 & CP155 Sliding Doors

Reynaers Cp130 & Cp155 Sliding Doors

All about Reynaers CP130 & CP155 Sliding Doors

Reynaers CP lift and slide doors allow you to enjoy huge areas of glass with the ability to move them around with ease.

CP Lift and slide doors are designed using aluminium profiles which offer great flexibility with design, combined with zero maintenance for life. CP doors allow you the freedom to create your dream home and can include opening corners and glass to glass corners.

Built into the bottom of each door is a simple lifting mechanism which mechanically assists you with the weight of the door. This lifting function allows you to fix the door open at any point along the track, giving you the ability to open and close the door as much or as little as you like. This mechanism also makes the doors more secure and more weather tight than your typical sliding door.

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