Eximia as a company our focus is
design based, not sales orientated.

Eximia have stayed independent in the market so we can offer you clear and honest advice. So that an understanding is gained over the pros and cons of different solutions and that the right choice is made for your project.

This approach has also enabled us to have a considerable and yet diverse range available to offer in the UK. So if you have some windows, a front door and some sliding doors, you still can have them designed and supplied by one single company.


In summary


Help design and specify products

Help you ascertain if solutions are feasible

Proactive with solutions and designs to overcome problems and reduce budgets where needed

Supply samples and drawings

Host visits to factories / showrooms around Europe and Scandinavia

Home Owners

Clear, independent, sound advice

Products solutions to suit what you need or dream of

All your requirements designed and supplied by one company

Proactive with solutions / products to create your dream home within your budget

Products designed to last a lifetime