What are Hajom Doors? The Ultimate Guide

What Are Hajom Doors? The Ultimate Guide

One of our most popular ranges is ur Hajom sliding doors and it’s not hard to see why. These beautiful sliding doors take bespoke design to the next level, adding the perfect accent to your home.

We get asked a lot about Hajom doors, so here is your ultimate guide to how they are made and why they are so beautiful.

How are Hajom doors made?

Hajom doors have been manufactured in Sweden for over 100 years, using decades of handcrafting know-how to ensure that every single door is perfect.

Everything is about quality, so the doors are built to last. Every door is designed and crafted using the best materials – for both looks and performance – technical innovations and craftsmanship. Every detail is so important that even the oak used is very specific.

Rather than buying pre-engineered oak, which is usually engineered short ways to reduce waste and make the doors cheaper to manufacture, Hajom engineers its own oak in-house. This is done so it can be engineered longways to reduce movement over time. This added step means that you can be sure that the oak used in your doors will last.

It’s the details like this that mean Hajom can boast that sliding doors installed over 40 years ago are still fully operational and still look incredible.

Even better, each door is individual, so it is completely suited to your property. This means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to their design, allowing you to shape the look and feel of your property, right down to every detail.

What are Hajom Doors? The Ultimate Guide

What makes Hajom doors so special?

There is a lot that makes Hajom doors special, which is why they are so popular. Besides the 100 years of experience that goes into making each door, Hajom doors are made by architects for architects, something that is reflected in every tiny detail.

With excellence and quality at their core, everything about Hajom doors is designed and made with a lifetime of use in mind. Even the lift and slide mechanism of these doors is thought about differently, with the timber being cut so precisely that they are weatherproof without the need for gaskets, as are used in other similar doors. Despite this, you can still enjoy featherlight opening and closing even decades down the line.

Hajom doors also feature exceptional insulation, thermal performance, and air-tightness, combining practicality with flawless design. Despite all of this, you still have amazing flexibility when it comes to the look of your doors and how they integrate into your home. You can choose from different colours, cladding and window types to help create the right look.

What are Hajom Doors? The Ultimate Guide

What do you get with Hajom doors?

Because every single little detail is thought about and designed specifically for your project, you get a lot with your Hajom doors.

To start with, these doors allow you to create a seamless relationship between indoors and outdoors, so you can make the most of your view and also open up your house to fully make the most of any garden space. Even when your doors are closed, you can create the impression of being outside.

From a more technical point of view, Hajom doors come with triple glazing as standard, providing brilliant thermal and acoustic performance. This means that they will help pay for themselves over time thanks to your energy savings.

You can choose from pine or oak when it comes to your Hajom doors, as well as the exact finish you want – including aluminium external cladding. Choose from hundreds of colours for both inside and outside, allowing you to create two different looks with the same set of doors.

You can also perfectly match your Hajom doors with matching Hajom windows, making sure you enjoy the same quality throughout your house and that everything works together in one seamless design. This is achieved perfectly thanks to the fact that every door and window will be designed and handcrafted to your specifications.

How do you order Hajom doors?

With Hajom doors being individually designed and made, there is no off-the-shelf version. To find out more about them and to order your own stunning sliding doors, contact us today either by calling 01777 819020 or by emailing us at enquiries@eximiaglazing.co.uk.

We will take you through all your options and help you decide whether Hajom is the right fit for you.

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