About Us

Our team at Eximia has many
years in the glazing industry.
About Us

As a company we have remained independent and with our pedigree we are able to source products throughout Europe and Scandinavia. To be able give you honest, uncompromised advice and help our clients to understand the pros and cons of our sourced systems.

Eximia work to fulfil a project’s design and specification criteria by working in conjunction with architects/contractors and clients. With an understanding that attention to detail is critical, we work with a high-quality ethic.

We build on our relationship with potential clients where communication is key and every customer deserves our very best regardless of the size of project. That belief is at the very core of our business. as well as market leading products.

From enquiry to order to completion the process is designed to keep you informed and to offer a service you can trust.

About Us


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